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maintenance Instructions

Vacuum or sweep floor to remove dust, sand & dirt distributed throughout the day.

Damp mop with Eukula maintenance-emulsion.
Add 1% mixture per 1 litre (33.8 oz) of luke warm water. Do not soak the floor.
Allow floor to completely dry before walking on it.
For more information please refer to instructions on bottle.

1–5 Years
Dependant on traffic, you may need to refresh your hardwood floor anywhere between 1-5 years.
Apply Eukula Refresher using a spray bottle. Lightly mist the floor evenly and then mop with a disposable cloth mop. Refresher may also be applied by hand. One litre (33.8 oz) will cover 500 sq/ft (46.452 m2). Flooring can be refreshed completely or only in a certain area.
If a service professional is used to refresh the hardwood flooring, ensure that only white or beige pads are used.
Eukula Refresher can not be applied too many times, otherwise a wax build-up occurs.
Do not walk on the floor - allow to dry overnight.
Do not walk on the floor with shoes - allow at least 30 hours of drying time.
Do not put down area rugs - final strength of the finish will be achieved in approximately two weeks.

For more information please refer to instructions on bottle or visit www.hardwaxoil.com

Do not use tape. Masking tape, painters tape or otherwise will damage a hardwax oil finished floor.

Do not cover floors. Allow flooring surface to lay exposed for at least one week after installation or refreshing, in order to allow proper drying time. Hardwax oiled floors requite oxygen to complete the drying process.

Do not damp mor or wash the flooring for at least one week after installation and/or refreshing. 



Relative humidity levels in the home must remain consistent throughout the year, within the range of 40 to 50 %

*In the SUMMER, excessive humidity can cause hardwood boards to swell and cup. Use air conditioning or a dehumidifier to lower the humidity to proper levels

*In the WINTER, excessive dryness can cause wood floors to shrink, creating gaps between the boards and in some cases, cupping as well. Use a humidifier to increase the humidity to proper levels in the colder season.

Maintaining these levels throughout each season is key to keeping your floor in top shape. Use a hygrometer to measure sasonal changes in relative humidity levels.



Oil-soaked materials (rags, steel wool, sanding dust, etc.) may spontaneously combust. Immerse oil-soaked materials in water and store in an airtight metal container. Dispose accordingly.