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Wide Plank hardwood Warranty and Policies

Installing our flooring constitutes acceptance of our product by the purchaser and installer.

Hardwood flooring is the most beautiful, durable, and esthetically pleasing floor money can buy. Hardwood flooring can add "warmth" to any room.

As a manufacturer of high quality hardwood flooring products Wide Plank Hardwood understands the concerns regarding flooring. That is why we have a structural warranty that lasts a lifetime.

Structural Lifetime Warranty
Wide Plank Hardwood ensures that their hardwood flooring products will remain free from milling and grading defects for a lifetime.

Product Quality
Wide Plank Hardwood flooring is manufactured in accordance with industry standards which tolerate up to 5% of down grade. Wide Plank Hardwood ensures high quality hardwood flooring products. Industry standards allow a 5% buffer for damage, off-grades, and other imperfections. This is regulated by the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association).

Precision Milling
Wide Plank Hardwood guarantees a tight milling gap of 0.01" (0.25 mm) between the tongue and groove.

Wide Plank Hardwood warrants that its hardwood flooring products do not exceed the industry standard set by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). The moisture levels are 6-9 % on hardwoods and 6-10% on Douglas fir.

Wide Plank Hardwood accepts all grading is subject to lumber input.

The total quantity of hardwood flooring should be within the industry standard of 5–7%.

Engineered Flooring
Wide Plank Hardwood warrants the the lamination process of the top layer and the substrate layer for a period of 10 years under conditions stated by the NWFA regarding RH and temperature etc.

To ensure a high quality flooring installation, flooring must be laid over a level high-quality subfloor. Flooring installers are responsible for final product quality control and jobsite conditions. If the material is defective while it’s being installed, it is the responsibility of the installer to halt the install and report immediately to the party who supplied the product. 

Wide Plank Hardwood will not accept any responsibility due to damages incurred to improper transportation, storage, installation, or any other cause.

All hardwood floors must be maintained and cleaned regularly. Maintenance is paramount for the longnetivity of any wood floor.

Self adhesive or nail on type felt pads are mandatory for the success of preventing mechanical damage to your hardwood floor. Natural wool is best. 

Wide Plank Hardwood ensures that its hardwood flooring products are manufactured in accordance with industry standards.

Wide Plank Hardwood monitors its hardwood flooring through every step of manufacturing through strict and rigourous quality control, guaranteeing quality and consistency in our hardwood flooring products.

Wide Plank Hardwood warrants, to the purchaser, against any manufacturing defects cause by improper milling and grading of flooring products. Damages due to improper transportation, storage, or any other cause are not covered. Product quality variation below the industry standard of 5% is considered not a factory defect.

Wide Plank Hardwood will decline any responsibility for situations associated with improper installation or job site conditions. Prior to installation, the installer must determine that job site conditions meet or exceed standards set by the industry for proper installation, refer to the NWFA regulations.

Wide Plank Hardwood liability is limited to repairing or replacing, at the discretion of Wide Plank Hardwood. the material in excess of 5% only, excluding all other costs, such as transportation, storage, installation, etc.

Wide Plank Hardwood highly reccomends that the installer and owner should work together for final inspection of grade and finish. Pieces considered imperfect by the installer or owner should be used in hidden areas or closets, cut off, or held out of the order. Any doubtful piece should not be used. Please note, the Wide Plank Hardwood Ltd. flooring warranty does not cover repair or replacement for defects visible prior to installation.

Wide Plank Hardwood accepts the use of putty, stain and/or filler for the enhancement of the flooring as normal.

Wide Plank Hardwood strives to work environmentally consciously with sustainability in mind. Our Eastern North American species are selectively logged, therefore protecting the existing ecosystem. Our Eukula hard-wax oil finish is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and tests show that oil finished floors last longer, therefore using less of the Earth's precious resources. Wide Plank Hardwood Ltd. continues to research into sustainable methods of manufacturing sustainable flooring.

Wide Plank Hardwood strives to be social and ethically conscious. One of the reasons that all of our hardwood flooring products are fully made in Canada. All employess are required to meet strict safety standards.

Wide Plank Hardwood flooring products are proudly manufactured in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada.

Wide Plank Hardwood unfortunately can not warranty engineered Brazilian Cherry over radiant heat. It can be done, but all Wide Plank Hardwood warranty is void if done.



Relative humidity levels in the home must remain consistent throughout the year, within the range of 40 to 50 %,

otherwise the warranty is void!!!

*In the SUMMER, excessive humidity can cause hardwood boards to swell and cup. Use air conditioning or a dehumidifier to lower the humidity to proper levels

*In the WINTER, excessive dryness can cause wood floors to shrink, creating gaps between the boards and in some cases, cupping as well. Use a humidifier to increase the humidity to proper levels in the colder season.

Maintaining these levels throughout each season is key to keeping your floor in top shape. Use a hygrometer to measure sasonal changes in relative humidity levels.



Warranty Statement

January 2012

North America Use Only



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Chemque, Inc. warrants that FORTANE LD™ wood flooring urethane adhesives will bond all engineered, solid or acrylic

impregnated wood flooring to all substrates or subfloors common to wood flooring. Chemque, Inc. warrants that FORTANE

LD™ will match or exceed the bond warranties of all wood flooring manufacturers’ private label wood flooring adhesives. This

warranty is valid for a period equal to the wood flooring manufacturer’s product warranty.


FORTANE LD™ wood flooring urethane adhesives will not protect wood flooring against moisture vapor damage through the

subfloor or any other source. However, Chemque, Inc. warrants that FORTANE LD™ wood flooring urethane adhesives, when

used in conjunction with FORTANE MVS ULTRA™ Moisture Vapor & Acoustical Urethane Membrane, will bond and will protect

all engineered, solid or acrylic impregnated wood flooring glued down to all substrates or subfloors common to wood flooring

against moisture vapor damage through the subfloor. This warranty is valid for a period equal to the wood flooring

manufacturer’s product warranty.

The warranties above are effective October 20, 2005 and are contingent on the following:

%uF0B7 The wood flooring must (a) be designed for glue-down bonding to the subfloor and so stated in writing by the wood flooring

manufacturer, and (b) be installed in accordance with Chemque’s most recent published literature, and the most recent

published literature of the wood flooring manufacturer pertaining to glue-down installations.

%uF0B7 The above mentioned published literature and instructions include, but are not limited to, types of acceptable substrates or

subfloors and subfloor preparation, wood flooring acclimation, expansion space, floor layout, job site temperature, relative

humidity and air flow.

%uF0B7 These warranties do not cover damage due to defective wood flooring, poor installation practices, poor subfloor

preparation, misuse or abuse, flooding, hydrostatic pressure, surface puddling, natural disasters such as but not limited to,

hurricanes and earthquakes, improper maintenance, low or excessive relative humidity, low or excessive temperature or any

issues not related to excessive moisture proven to be migrating through the moisture vapor shield.

%uF0B7 FORTANE MVS ULTRA™ will bridge cracks up to 1/8” before the wood flooring installation with FORTANE LD™ Wood

Flooring Urethane Adhesives. However, FORTANE MVS ULTRA™ will not prevent damage from moisture vapor or water

through improperly prepared /repaired joints or cracks larger than 1/8”.

%uF0B7 FORTANE MVS ULTRA™ will not prevent moisture vapor or water from (a) seeping onto the subfloor as a result of sprinkler

systems, raised landscaping, sloping terrain, etc, or (b) transferring into the building from underneath the exiting wall

framing, or (c) seeping through exterior walls.

%uF0B7 FORTANE MVS ULTRA™ must be used as part of a system in conjunction with FORTANE LD™ Wood Flooring Urethane


%uF0B7 These warranties are limited to individual residential or commercial installations of less than 4,000 sq. ft. For individual

installations of more than 4,000 sq. ft. please contact a Chemque representative for instructions.

%uF0B7 These warranties are to the original purchaser and are non-transferable.

In the unlikely event of a valid claim under these warranties, Chemque, Inc. will at our option repair or replace the loose

plank(s) one time only or refund all the reasonable materials and labor employed to repair or replace on a square foot basis

the portion(s) of the installation proven to be defective.

In order for these warranties to apply, a Chemque, Inc. representative must evaluate any potential claim before any

replacement work is initiated. In addition, all the warranties of all products used on the wood flooring installation, and the

installation invoices as well the invoices of the materials used on the installation must be submitted to Chemque, Inc. Any

repair conducted prior to the Chemque, Inc. representative evaluation will void all warranties.: